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Real-time Notifications & Messaging

Stay on top of your wallets’ activities with on-chain notifications.

Receive an email when you receive airdrops or a transaction has been signed. In the event of an emergency you can notify your teams directly within Picante.

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Stablecoin alert
Transaction activity

Activity Notifications

Configure notifications of wallet activity. Especially useful for staying on top of cold storage wallets, multisigs, and operational processes like payroll.


Weekly & Monthly summaries

Receive summaries of your wallet activities, expenses and positions in easy to digest reports. Have these reports automatically sent to key stakeholders such as your team, investors, or accountants.

Mass Messaging 

It's critical to be able to quickly notify your distributed team when the unexpected happens. Big hack? Stablecoin depegging? Send a mass message to make sure your whole team is on the same page.


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