The business bridge to crypto

Picante has built a suite of tools that allow businesses to easily work with crypto.

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Picante Dashboard
  • On-ramp and off-ramp crypto
  • Payroll
  • Invoice payments
  • Wallet Accounting
  • Bank Accounts
  • Debit cards

Easily manage your operations in crypto, fiat or both

Whether you run your business entirely in crypto, or want to process crypto payments, managing operations can be hard. Traditional business systems aren’t designed to deal with cryptocurrencies.

Picante solves these operational problems for both individuals and companies. Picante makes it simple to spend, transfer and track your digital assets. Use our P2P on/off ramps to convert your assets, store your fiat in our bank accounts and spend it using your debit card or bank transfers.


Perfect for DAOs

Allows for easy off-ramp to pay your SaaS bills, contractors and general expenses and manage a crypto payroll

Crypto friendly businesses

Crypto friendly businesses

Easily swap between crypto and fiat currencies, account for all your crypto activities



Best buy/sell rates for the little guys. Spot prices, and only a 0.001% fee on swaps.

Your complete toolset for your business to manage crypto and fiat assets

P2P off ramp solution

On-ramp and off-ramp

Our P2P on-off ramp solution allows us to match you with the best possible prices on the network.

We hate fees and hiding additional costs in swap prices. That’s why we built a P2P solution with a fixed transaction fee of 0.001%. Not only that, but you will also earn Picante tokens with each transaction.

Wallet Accounting

An internal tool we built for our own accounting. Our accountants love it, so we decided to release it to you.

Our wallet accounting solution allows you to pull all the wallet transactions in an editable table so you can easily tag transactions with the info your accountants need. We know they will love it as much as ours.

Wallet Accounting


At the end of the day not everyone can or wants to be paid 100% in crypto. Currently an operational pain, but easier with Picante.

Off-ramp your crypto with us and have it sent directly to your employees, or deposit it in your bank account and send it when you want.

Invoice Payments

Cloud computing, SaaS services, office rent and contractors, these costs can add up as you grow.

Putting everything on your personal cards isn't sustainable. Use Picante to convert your crypto to fiat to get these bills paid.

Invoice Payments
Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Coming Soon

A crypto friendly bank account is on the way. We are now in beta in the UK and launching in more markets soon.

We know that off-ramping is only part of the solution, you need someplace to deposit your fiat. Well, for this we are going old school and building a bank account solution you’ll love.

Debit Cards

Coming Soon

Wire and fast transfers are great, but what about client dinners?

Easily access your funds using Picante debit cards. At a client dinner? Having team drinks? Paying your AWS bill? Use your Picante debit card for all of it.

Debit Cards

Picante is also for individuals

Crypto Exchange

On-ramp and off-ramp your crypto with fiat

Easily buy and sell crypto with your fiat currency using the Picante dashboard

Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet accounting tools

All of the wallet accountant tools are available for both businesses and individuals

Picante is leveling the playing field

Businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from the Picante platform. It is currently also difficult for individuals to manage crypto assets. There is no simple venue now to converting between stablecoins and fiat currency safely, efficiently and provide users with peace of mind througout the process. Picante does that for all users, individuals and businesses.

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